Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A low place in the heart
Where water once had been
Now a dry hole mocking me
Reminding me of sin

The soil now cracked and dry
Is a testament for fools
Who read there death and doom
And cast aside their tools

The dryness of the soul
Will drain you of your will
To keep the goal of life in mind
And trust in God to fill

Through thirst we learn to trust
Unless in hast we drink
Anything that satisfies
Before we stop and think

Too much will quench the sign
God’s voice in spiritual thirst
And cause us to be blind
To keep God blessed and first

The lesson’s hard to learn
When we only look for ease
The hardships teach humility
And bring us to our knees

For below the things we see
The things we touch and feel
A truth resides beneath
That wisdom shows more real

Patience grows from pain
When all we want is peace
Nothing frees us from this jail
Until by God’s release

Then the heart once like a dune
Becomes a living well
Like a fresh artesian spring
With grace to share and tell

Each day one then begins
Like a beggar on the street
With nothing, nor entitlement
Each need is God’s to meet

The cup was dry before
Last night when all was still
As rest restores the soul
And God the cup does fill

© Stephen Carl, 2016

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