Friday, June 5, 2015

I have something to utter
To say
To speak
To verbalize
To make real with words
Stuck in my throat
Lodged there
Wedged in my narrow throat
Wide earnest words of desperation
Why is my throat so narrow
Yet so wide when I speak the sharp arrow words from the quiver of my spite?
I am adept at stringing those words to the bow and aiming and letting them fly
With no consciousness
No thought
Reaction, not response
Survival instinct
What archer abides deep within who does this?
Teach him to pray
To utter words of surrender
To lay down bow and quiver of tongue
To speak humility
Poverty of soul
Indebtedness of heart
To kneel in silence
Bridled mind
Hush hush hush
Be still
Let the soul’s silence be equal to the darkness in the depths of the earth
where no light has shined
Listen      listen                listen

I hear the singing
Silent singing
Song heard not with ear
The vibrations of peace and glory and wonder and awe
The eternal YES
from the eternal voice
Speaking love
Into the darkness
Echoing light
Deep deep deep

Down to the archer
Who weeps in anguish of missing the mark always
Rise up
And take this golden bow
This arrow tipped with hope
Notch it
Draw it further than ever before
Aim it higher than imaginable
Release it
Follow it
Soar with the word to the footstool of The One
Who is The Word
The One from Whom all words arise
The One through Whom all words are blessed
The One from Whom all blessings flow
And let praise replace plaintive cries of punishment

© 2015 Stephen Carl

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